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Vision / Mission / Values

Vision / Mission / Values

Our Vision: We are committed to be Indiana's premier HVAC, Mechanical and Plumbing systems installation and services provider.
Our Mission: Guided by our values, our mission is to grow our business by creating efficient building environments that allow our customers to be comfortable, safe and productive.
Our Values:  
  • Safety.  All team members going home unhurt at the end of the day is woven into our organizational DNA.
  • Integrity.  We will act honestly, ethically, and with integrity.  These should be our guiding principles in everything we do.
  • Excellence.  We will work at excellence in everything we do.  We will develop our expertise through our innovative approach to crafting and delivering the right solution.
  • Accountability.  We will strive for a 1:1 Say:Do ratio.  If we make a mistake, we will own up to it.  We will seek to improve performance year over year to create long term sustainability.
  • Teamwork.  We will be problem solvers, not just problem spotters.  We employ the best people, develop their competence, provide opportunity and inspire them to live our values.  We collaborate for the good of our customers, and for the good of Comfort Systems USA Indiana.