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Water Solutions

Water Solutions

Bring water treatment systems up to today’s standards with high-technology retrofitting

Comfort Systems USA can replace your water treatment system with technology and custom formulations that meet your specific applications.  We use state-of-the-art ISO 9000:2008 certified processes, and adhere to the highest quality assurance standards. 

We provide technical training to your plant operators and assist you with complete regulatory and environmental compliance (including product safety data sheets (MSDS) and technical data sheets). We’re NELAC accredited, and have certified laboratory capabilities to analyze water, biological, Legionella, organic and inorganic deposits, and resins.

Our team can upgrade the technology for a full spectrum of water treatment systems including: 

Cooling systems with treatment programs that use the latest polymer technology for superior corrosion and deposition control. These can apply to once-through, open re-circulating, closed loop applications, and process water. System pre-cleaning, on-line loop cleaning and lay-up cooling solutions are also available.

Biocides that are EPA and state-registered for the cleanest systems. These programs are designed to meet CTI and ASHREA Legionella guidelines.

Boiler systems including both high and low-pressure boilers for commercial applications. We also offer a complete line of oxygen scavenger, internal treatments, condensate treatments, boiler clean-up, boil-out and lay-up chemicals.

Specialty water and waste water treatments, with a complete line of products for the influent and effluent waters, including biological augmentation and odor control.

Ion exchange resins, including low-cost, high-quality, cation, anion, mixed bed and specialty resins, with resin cleaners and softener maintenance programs.

Environmental-friendly solid water treatment - SmartRelease - This patented method of controlling time-release dissolution of solid chemicals is based on osmotic pressure and a polymer coating that allows controlled release over a 30- to 90-day period.